Anxious girl biting her hand.

Kids and Anxious Behaviors

When you notice… …your kids pulling out their hair, see bald spots on your kid’s head, see their finger nails or skin red and raw, it can stir up strong feelings. Panic, confusion, shame or guilt kick in. Hair pulling, skin picking, lip biting, nail biting, thumb sucking, and knuckle cracking are common behaviors in… Read More

Parent kneeling and talking with child, bright sun in background.

Divorce: What You NEED TO DO NOW To Help Your Kids

No one gets married expecting to get divorced, especially if they have kids. “It won’t happened to us…we’re different.” And then it does…you get divorced. As parents, when you divorce, you worry about the emotional effects on your kids. But, you’re struggling to get through it too. What are you supposed to do? Isn’t it… Read More

Girl in classroom looking back and seeing two other girls looking at her and whispering something about her.

The Scoop on Social-Emotional Development

By now you’ve probably heard that schools are implementing Social-Emotional curriculums. Pediatricians have been stressing social-emotional health, even more, recently too. What’s this about and how will this help my kid in life? Well, the idea is that it’s important to try teaching kids about feelings, help instill empathy, and create a learning and home… Read More