Sister and brother yelling at each other, Mom sitting between them with her head in her hands, stressed out.

Behavior Problems

There’s no way this behavior is normal…

Mom trying to talk to frustrated teenage girl.Nothing we do is working…

We can’t take it anymore…

I keep wondering what I did wrong…

This makes me so scared…

It just tears me apart to see him so upset…

I’m angry all the time and I’m sure that isn’t helping things…

This is what we hear EVERY DAY when parents call us.

We hear the frustration, worry, and exhaustion in your voice when you tell us about your child’s behaviors.

We know it’s embarrassing. Talking about it is difficult because it feels like admitting failure.

But you can’t avoid it anymore. It’s scary and sad.

Your child’s behavior has hijacked your life.

It takes a lot of emotional energy to make the call…but it’s worth it.

You don’t have to figure this out on your own.

You owe it to yourself and family to get help from a specialist.

Is your child or teen destined to be controlled by their behaviors?

Some kids just have personalities that are more reactive to the things around them.

They feel things in big ways and they react in big ways.

They just need some extra help learning to control their reactions.

When a child or teen reacts in big ways, parents feel it in big ways…

Girl sitting on the floor with eyes closed and her head in her arms with her frustrated Mom standing in the background.Does Your Child or Teen’s Behavior Make You Feel:


…frustrated and angry that nothing you do or say seems to make a difference…the behaviors continue?

…embarrassed, like everyone is judging you when your kid acts out?

…worried that you child or teen won’t have any friends and will get picked on or will be a bully or get kicked out of school?

…deflated, defeated and totally out of ideas?

…sad, tired, guilty and regretful about how you react to your kid’s behaviors?

…that something must be really wrong with your kid?

…like you have to hide things or keep secrets about your kid’s behavior to avoid judgment and unsolicited advice from family, other parents or friends who think they have the answer?

…lonely because you don’t hear other parents having these problems (in reality, a lot of parents do have some of these same problems but they hide it and won’t talk about it)?

This is NOT what you expected when you became a parent.

You knew parenting could be hard, but you were not at all prepared for dealing with a kid whose reactions are so extreme, so intense or so explosive.

These are just some of the behaviors parents tell us about…

  • Physical acting out or aggression like biting, kicking, hitting, throwing, pushing or scratching
  • Explosive or big reactions like yelling, screaming and crying
  • Easily frustrated and overwhelmed by things that seem like no big deal
  • No impulse control
  • Disrespectful attitudes, back talk and refusal to listen
  • Acting up in school
  • Being bullied or having trouble keeping friends and having good boundaries
  • Easily influenced, low self-esteem and being taken advantage of by others
  • Cutting or scratching
  • Being rigid, not flexible or able to handle change
  • Painfully shy and excessively clingy
  • Sleep challenges like bedtime battles or not wanting to sleep in their own bed
  • Eating issues and body image
  • Compulsive behaviors like hair pulling or twirling, skin picking, nail biting or repetitive actions like needing to constantly wash or organize things
  • Alcohol or substance use

How We Can Help

Give your child or teen a place to explore and understand why they react the way they do to certain things or in different situations.

Teach your child or teen how to respond to stress in healthy ways.

Help your child or teen build their self-confidence to be able to control their behavior now and in the future.

Learn how to use your relationship with your child or teen to help them change their behaviors, be happy and bring peace to your family.

Behavior has meaning. Ready to understand what’s going on with your kid?

STOP being frustrated by your kid’s behavior.

START seeing positive behavior NOW.

Contact us TODAY at 630-423-6039 for a FREE no-obligation phone consultation and get your kids the help they deserve to manage their behaviors.